Queerness in Nature: Identity, Meditation and Ecopsychology

“There are no straight lines in nature” — Antoni Gaudi

About three years ago, coinciding with my move from Toronto to the west coast of Canada, I began to hold the possibility that I might be queer. Moving to the coast both inspired and necessitated me to reckon with my identity. Who was I and who would I become as I transplanted myself far from home, old friends, family and former communities?

Since that time, the answer has become a clear and prideful “YES!” I am gender queer, sexually queer, cognitively queer, relationally…

If Western multiculturalism is relativism as public policy, then Amerindian perspectivist shamanism is multinaturalism as cosmic politics.

- Eduardo Viveiros de Castro


This paper was written in the summer of 2020 for a Master’s level course about Ayahuasca.


Like the lights by which we see, the cultures in which we live compose the backgrounds and frames of our experiences. As a result, cultures and the impacts of their paradigms often go unexamined. Nevertheless, the features of a culture live in and through its members, implicitly impacting their ontologies, metaphysics, practices and lifestyles. Over the last three decades, practices…

caitlin colson

Alchemical network weaver, committed to systems change, exploring expanded states of consciousness, - from dance to psychedelics, queer & nonbinary, therapist,

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